Content Notes

  1. Episodes of The Harmony Show regularly include discussions of race, transness, queerness, disability, class, and gender. By extension, racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, classism, and sexism regularly come up. Incidents of violence depicted in news media and the existence of (and fear of) racialized and / or sexualized and / or gender-based violence experienced by the hosts and guests of The Harmony Show have been discussed in several episodes.
  2. Sex, descriptions of sex between Organiks (and sometimes between Organiks and Synthetiks), as well as the marketing of sexualized and racialized Dolls and Gynoids comes up in many episodes of The Harmony Show.
  3. Animal meatis sometimes prepared during cooking episodes.
  4. As an unaffiliated, web-based show, we sometimes use words disallowed by FCC guidelines.

We have not posted content notes for each episode. We honor that our show may not be a fit for all who encounter it. Generally, violent and sexually explicit content isn’t described in detail, and we are committed to approaching our subject matter with the utmost care.

We are open and eager to implement your feedback as we proceed. Should you have feedback and interest in / energy for sharing it, email As a reminder, opting out when necessary and taking a break while engaging with our episodes are always a possibility.

1 Certified organic pork and chicken and 100% grass-fed beef sourced at Wild Harmony Farm in Exeter, RI