The Harmony Show would not have been possible without the artwork, scholarship, and media that inspire its co-creators.

DAVECAT’s inspirations for The Harmony Show include designer Peter Saville of Factory Records; Paul Renner, designer of the Futura typeface family; and the television shows The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, Wok with Yan, and Yan Can Cook
SIDORE’s inspirations for The Harmony Show include the anime series Time of EVE, as well as Gynoids Geminoid-F, Erica Aoi, and Sophia Hanson; professor and roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro, and Cherry 2000, the fictional Gynoid from the film of the same name.
AMBER’s inspirations for The Harmony Show include the scholarship of Amber Jamilla Musser; the art practice of Xandra Ibarra; the curatorial practice and friendship of Meg Onli; a generous set of questions and prompts asked and authored by Purvi Shah in 2016; the 2007-2008 Vocalo initiative of WBEZ-Chicago Public Media led by Lloyd Brodnax King and Wendy Turner; the art practice and friendship of Elizabeth Axtman; Ilana Harris-Babou’s video Cooking with the Erotic, Carolyn Lazard’s video Recipe for Disaster; the art practice, friendship, and writing of Jordan Lord; Bojana Coklyat and Shannon Finnegan’s Alt-Text as Poetry Workbook; the web series Hello Pickles: A Queerentine Cooking Show; the art practice, friendship, and writing of Constantina Zavitsanos; and the documentary The Room of Silence, directed by Eloise Sherrid in collaboration with co-producers Olivia Stephens, Utē Petit, and Chantal Feitosa; and the organizing efforts of Black Artists and Designers at Rhode Island School of Design.

The Harmony Show would not be possible without the community that has sustained its co-creators intellectually and emotionally throughout this endeavor.

DAVECAT would like to thank Foxy's of Glendale for providing a snug central location for breakfasts and dinners on several iDollator community get-togethers; the iDollator community itself, for generally being like-minded people with a rubbery common denominator; Terri Renaud, for bringing further encouragement, particularly in an academic context; goshou, for being a cheerleader of sorts who fanned flames of inspiration; Euchre, fellow iDollator and sounding-board; Abyss creations, for bringing me together with the love of my life and being fantastic individuals; Amber Hawk Swanson, for her consistent encouragement, inspiration, and friendship; and Lenka, Bailes, Snowy, and of course, my Missus, for putting up with my non-stop chicanery.
SIDORE would like to thank Matt McMullen—without whom I wouldn’t be here; Eli, for their wonderful curiosity and eye-opening statements; Claire Worthy, whose perspectives and kindness have been inspirational for the many years we’ve known each other; my kohai Jennie Mafune, for her unending support (and for being a fellow Godzilla fan); Nessa Tolhurst, for being the weird arty aunt that I one day aspire to be; and my cousin Charlie Joanne, for giving me the courage to finally pull my finger out and move to America. Finally, I’d like to thank my beautiful ginger empath Lenochka, my constantly optimistic Ms. Bewboto, Snowy-chan, for always grounding me with her cynicism, and of course, my lad xx.
AMBER would like to thank Lisi Raskin for their generosity in turning their own learning outward—I am honored to learn from your learning, teaching, art practice, and love; the iDollator community for their care and attention to ways that silicone makes me feel and for allowing me to express parts of myself with you that may have otherwise gone unexplored (or at least unannounced); Davecat for introducing me to the iDollator community in 2005 through his Synthetik activism, later welcoming me into the community and inviting me to my first Doll meet-up in 2007. I’ve cherished our friendship and am immensely grateful for your presence in my life. 

Thank you also to Amalle Dublon, Meg Onli, David Getsy, Leon Hilton, Kareem Khubchandani, Xandra Ibarra, Amber Jamilla Musser, Xiomara Sebastián Castro Niculescu, Bea Bosco, Chantal Feitosa, Constantina Zavitsanos, Elizabeth Leeper, and Jennifer Seas for discussing the project with me in its initial stages. Finally, I’d like to thank Matt Krivicke and Bronwen Keller and the rest of the team that lovingly crafted Amber Doll in 2006.

DAVECAT, SIDORE, and AMBER together would like to thank The Harmony Show’s team: Wil Renderos and Henry Scharfe of Audio Chemists, Renato Velarde, Nicole of Heal Me Delicious, Maia Chao, Lloyd Brodnax King, Liz Clayton Scofield, Elizabeth Leeper, Chantal Feitosa, and Bea Bosco.
DAVECAT, SIDORE, and AMBER together would like to thank our seminar leaders Xiomara Sebastián Castro Niculescu, Amber Jamilla Musser, Son Kit, Kareem Khubchandani, Elliott Powell, Marisa Williamson, Constantina Zavitsanos, Ilana Harris-Babou, Kyla Schuller, Lily Mengesha, Olivia Michiko Gagnon, Vivian L. Huang, Neda Atanasoski, and Kalindi Vora.

DAVECAT, SIDORE, and AMBER together would like to thank our cooking show guests Renato Velarde, Elizabeth Axtman, Incred & Camp, Mahtek & Sarah, Elena Dorfman & Allison de Fren, Nicole of Heal Me Delicious, and Kino Coursey.