THS Live! Call-in from Jesse

Cooking Show with Jesse

[Four people connect virtually on a Zoom grid comprised of three rectangles that is outlined by a magenta line. They are filming a cooking show segment of The Harmony Show entitled Jesse and Chicken Pumpkin Soup that features a call-in from iDollator Jesse who keeps his camera off. On the top left is Amber Hawk Swanson, a femme white woman with long dark hair and bangs wearing a periwinkle dress and a lavender mask. She stands in front of a stainless steel table with pots, bowls, and other cooking-related tools. On the top right of the grid is Sidore Kuroneko, a Japanese-British Synthetik. Sidore has light skin and short purple hair which partially covers the left side of her face. She wears a black blouse with fuschia skulls, a velveteen corset, red lipstick, silver-framed glasses, and vintage Pan Am corded headphones. She sits in front of a black bookcase holding books and collectables. In the bottom rectangle is Davecat, a Black man with dark hair slicked over the right side of his forehead wearing a grey button down shirt with a purple patterned tie. He wears silver and black corded headphones and sits on a loveseat covered with a plaid blanket. His bookshelf and desk are viewable in the background, as is part of a British flag hung on the wall.]



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THS Live! Call-in with Jesse was recorded on April 1st, 2023.

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