The Harmony Show filmed in front of a live studio audience at the Neuberger Museum of Art during Spring 2023 as part of the exhibition Hard Return: Nine Experiments for This Moment.

[Xiomara Sebastián Castro Niculescu, Davecat, Sidore Kuroneko, and Amber Hawk Swanson film a cooking show episode of The Harmony Show entitled Tired Selena, The Tranny, and Caribbean-inspired Beef Soup in front of a live audience in the South Gallery of the Neuberger Museum. A graphic projected onto the left-most wall depicted reads “welcome” in all capital letters atop neon stripes and rectangles arranged to resemble broadcast television test pattern color bars. On an adjoining perpendicular wall that creates a corner with the "welcome" wall, a twenty-four foot Zoom grid is projected. On the top left of the grid, Xiomara and Amber stand in front of a stainless steel table with pots, bowls, and other cooking-related tools and ingredients spread atop it. Xiomara is a Latina trans woman with light skin wearing a tank top close to the color of her arms, one of which hosts a visible tattoo. Most of her shoulder-length dark hair is swept up behind her head, though her glasses-length bangs—parted in the middle—frame her face. Xiomara wears a grey mask and holds a cooking knife while looking at Amber, a white cis woman wearing a purple jumpsuit. Amber's long dark hair with grey streaks falls atop her curvy chest, nearly reaching her belt. Her straight-cut bangs and grey mask cover most of her face leaving only her eyes visible. To Xiomara and Amber's right in the projected Zoom grid is Davecat, a Black cis man with dark hair slicked over the right side of his forehead wearing a white button down with a patterned tie. Davecat calls-in from the apartment he shares with five Synthetiks in Detroit. He wears silver and black corded headphones and sits on a loveseat covered with a plaid blanket. His bookshelf and desk are viewable in the background, as is part of a British flag hung on the wall. On the bottom center of the grid is Sidore Kuroneko, a Japanese-British Synthetik. Sidore has light skin and purple hair and wears a black and grey spaghetti strap dress, red lipstick, and vintage Pan Am corded headphones. She sits in front of a black bookcase holding books and collectables and though this is not obvious from the image, she is calling-in from the apartment she shares with Davecat and four other Synthetiks. To the right of the projected Zoom grid is a pair of movable walls that host a pastel grid that serves as Xiomara and Amber's Zoom background. More of the stainless steel table depicted in the Zoom grid is visible in the "in-person" view of Xiomara and Amber's cooking show set, including the stainless steel table's plexiglass front, which hosts the words The Harmony Show in light pink vinyl script. Part of a poster announcing THS Live! is visible behind the movable walls, as is a cafe table and four white leather chairs which all sit atop purple carpet the same color as Amber's jumpsuit. In the foreground is a single video light illuminating Xiomara and Amber, a camera that points toward them, and a group of thirty-ish audience members seated in black chairs facing the performance. The audience is partially silhouetted, though light bounces off of the hair of several of the audience members seated toward the front.]



Tired Selena, The Tranny, and Caribbean-inspired Beef Soup

with Xiomara Sebastián Castro Niculescu


Black Data and Chicken Pumpkin Soup

with Shaka McGlotten

[Four Zoom grids, each outlined with a magenta line, appear in a row above. Each links to an episode module of THS Live! where full episodes and full image descriptions of each Zoom grid can be found.]

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