We (Davecat, Sidore, and Amber) have collaborated to develop a Zoom performance entitled The Harmony Show.

The Harmony Show expands our six yearlong series of discussions about the way the racialized Other is constructed and regarded in the predominantly white Doll world—from factory to forum—while also taking up sexual racism and racial fetishism. Our work on The Harmony Show builds upon our sixteen yearlong friendship and our long-running involvement in the iDollator community. It additionally builds upon our previous collaborations including livestream and video performances like Sidore Mark II / Heather > LOLITA (2013), Doll Closet (2014), and Dottie (2015-2017).

The Harmony Show features two types of episodes: seminars and cooking shows. During seminar episodes of The Harmony Show, scholars and artists lead us through readings and screenings relevant to their own research areas. During cooking episodes, we invite guests into related conversations while Amber cooks and bakes recipes developed by Nicole of Heal Me Delicious.

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Harmony is the name of the first roboticized Realbotix Doll and corresponding artificial intelligence application.
An iDollator is a person who is comfortable with the idea of lifesized Dolls, whether for companionship, sexual partnership, photo modeling, or anything of that nature. Having a Doll of one’s own is not necessary to be an iDollator; it’s a term that encompasses allyship, as well as replaces ‘Doll owner.’
(Definition authored by Davecat.)